Musk (Stinkpot) Turtle

Musk (Stinkpot) Turtle

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  1. Hello Bill, Frank Indiviglio here.Thanks for the feedback; I see a patrten here – odd-looking, aquatic fish-eaters; I expect you’ll be tackling Surinam Toads soon? I share your interests, easy to understand.Depending on temperature, a turtle that size can have food available most of the time – Matas seem not to overeat, in contrast to most other turtles, at least in my experience. Living in waters with such high prey densities may be a factor. I’ve seined in rivers inhabited by them – each haul contained dozens of fish species, many pet trade staples. Try to offer as many species as possible,; he may lean towards larger ones, but good to have a choice. Can use golden shiners as staple in time, pet species as treats; if you can seine local fishes that would be ideal, trim cat’s spines – walking cats, have killed caiman (not sure if they have reached your area, but natives dangerous as well).Tong-feeding FW food fishes, trout, tilapia, catfish is useful, uncleaned best but cleaned ok for variety’s sake.Gravel can pose serious problems, as they invariably swallow a good deal of it; some passes, but blockages have occurred. Wild habitat is largely mud bottomed rivers,; sand may work but still a concern. I’ve always kept them in bare bottomed/; rubberized tanks, helps in cleaning as well. Let me know if he has trouble moving about on glass, can add large river rock/shale.Dim light preferable, UVB not necessary and barely penetrates water but not harmful. Floating plants work well in limiting light if you want it a bit brighter. Matas tend not to eat if stressed, but always good to keep aware.I’ve not looked into pH with these guys, but am not aware of any skin problems; lower safer however. Sphagnum tends to clog filters as it breaks down, also easy to swallow. Can enclose it and peat in a muslin bag, may need quite a bit to affect pH.Hard to get any sort of thermal gradient in a small tank that has circulating water, except right up against heater; but they seem fine without. Interesting that you mentioned “cornering” – an ex co-worker of mine documented “herding” behavior in large exhibits – not much on it since. He also brought to light the goldfish concerns – please see for more on that. The turtle I’m holding came out of a food market in, in believe, Guyana…that’s what you can look forward to, so start saving some money for an aquarium/pool!Good luck and please keep me posted.Best regards, Frank Indiviglio.

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