Local Vacationland


August 14, 2015

Maine is known as “Vacationland” and with very good reason. The summer months with low humidity and temperatures in the 70s and 80s create perfect weather conditions for a vacation. Along with the great weather, Maine has 3000+ miles of beautiful coastline and a multitude of parks, trails, lakes, rivers, and campsites to take advantage of the outdoor activities. Many tourists visit Maine during the summer months to take part in the Maine lifestyle, but what about the locals? What places can they go to have a typical Maine vacation?

Here at the TREE Center in Sanford, we have opened our doors to locals for the summer so they can experience a beautiful spot without the hustle and bustle of the summer season. Kayak or swim in Bauneg Beg Lake, play on the playground, or hike on our trails. We’re a “hidden gem” in southern Maine that many people are just discovering this summer. We’d love for more people to understand how Maine is such a beautiful place and learn why it’s called “Vacationland”.

For more information about how you or your family can spend a day on the lake or even overnight in one of our cabins, call (207) 324-7955 x614 or email TREE@waban.org.


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