Family Vacations Aren’t What They Used To Be

July 31, 2015

I read an article this week about family bonds found within the animal kingdom. The article listed 6 animals that have been discovered to have very strong family/group bonds within their social circle. The list includes: Orcas, Chimps, Elephants, Prairie Dogs, and several others. After reading the article, I started to think we, as human beings, are just like these animal groups and thrive when we have our own family unit to rely on.

My parents decided they wanted to escape the humid and hot summer of North Carolina and spend a few weeks in southern Maine this summer, so they flew up a couple of weeks ago and have been staying with me since mid-July. When I told them I didn’t have enough vacation time to take off work and plan fun activities for them, they said it was fine; they would just come to work with me. So for a few days each week, they accompanied me to work and spent their days volunteering at camp, fixing things up, weeding, and organizing supply closets. For those of you asking, “Her parents volunteering at work is supposedly a vacation?” let me explain by saying that my parents are highly motivated people with a work ethic that surpasses many. They are both supposedly “retired” but they’re more active now than ever before. For example, while they were here, I tried multiple times to get them to just relax by the lake or maybe take out a kayak, and they both would just shrug and say, “Maybe after the jobs are done.”


How many other parents would volunteer at their daughter’s work place as a part of their vacation? I don’t know very many. Granted, I work in a beautiful place where many people can rent cabins and actually take a real vacation or even come for the day and have fun by the lake, but still, they volunteered their precious time to come and help the TREE Center run smoothly, which during our busiest season is truly a blessing within itself.

So the next time you think about how different humans are from animals, take a look at the family bonds within each group. We care for each other. We support one another. We defend our own. We really aren’t that different.

To read the whole article on family bonds within the animal world, follow this link