LeadershipThe Teambuilding program offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for your organization or group.  The TREE Center is located in York county in southern Maine on the shores of Bauneg Beg Lake in Sanford.

Groups of all ages can come to the TREE Center to enhance leadership and develop teambuilding skills.

Ultimately we believe that organizations and groups that work together more efficiently and effectively will be leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

For businesses in today’s competitive economic climate, creating a team that innovates and works cooperatively to overcome challenges is a necessity. While most organizations strive to form a motivated team, getting there is sometimes a difficult process.

We will work with you to customize and implement an innovative and comprehensive program for your team that will nurture the very goals that your organization strives for.

Whale Watch LeadershipPackage Options:

Leadership and Professional Development Training.
Wormwood Conference & Banquet Center Rental
Catered Continental Breakfast and Lunch

Leadership Brochure

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“Fascinating.” “Found it enlightening in many ways.”(United Way)

“A leader leads by example whether he intends to or not.” (Steve Jobs)