Recreation FAQ’s

How do I register for a recreation offering?
We offer a variety of recreational options. Our equipment and facilities are available to rent, however, currently we are NOT a drop in/drop off facility. If you would like to know more about the recreation availability, please contact Ann Rossignol at or by phone at (207) 324-7955 x644.

Do you have bathrooms?
We offer a fully accessible facility and restrooms that can accommodate groups of all sizes and individuals of all abilities.

Where do these recreational events take place?
Activities and events take place on a forested corner of Bauneg Beg Lake utilizing the lake, accessible trails, and TREE Center grounds.  Groups meet at the Experiential Education Center.

I want to take part in a recreational offering, but I don’t see anything that interests me. What should I do?
If you don’t see anything you are currently interested in, please contact us and we will be happy to consider adding new workshops, events, offerings or classes.

What happens if there is inclement weather the day of the event?
Offerings are conducted both indoors and out, held in rain or shine, unless conditions are deemed unsafe. If weather conditions are deemed unsafe, a staff member will contact you to reschedule.

How old must I be to take part in these offerings?
Participants, 12 or under, must be accompanied by an adult. If you, or someone in your party, has a medical or behavioral need, they must also be accompanied by an adult. A release must be signed by all participants prior to participation.