Environmental Education FAQ’s

What should we bring?
All students should bring a notebook and a writing utensil with them on the trip. We encourage students to bring cameras for any picture taking (cell phones used as cameras will be at the teacher’s discretion). Lessons will require outdoor activity, so please make sure your students are well dressed for the occasion. Layers are good to wear so they can take off or put on layers as needed. Our trails are easily accessible; however students will need to wear appropriate footwear. Depending upon the length of your desired lesson, some classes will want to bring a packed lunch or snack. Outdoor and indoor eating areas are available but we do not provide the food.

How long are your lessons?
We offer a 2 hour and a 4 hour lesson. We also offer a 5 week series that involves a 2 hour lesson for 5 weeks allowing students to build upon the lessons for a more thorough study.

I’ve decided I want to set up a lesson for my class. What are my next steps?
The next step would be to contact the TREE Director, Ann Rossignol (arossignol@waban.org) who will answer further questions and help you schedule your group’s visit. You will then be connected with our Environmental Educator to discuss any specific lesson details and questions you may have on lesson content.  Each lesson targets specific Maine Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. If you have signed up for a teambuilding/leadership program along with an environmental lesson, our Leadership Development Coordinator will contact you separately.

Do you have bathrooms?
We offer a fully accessible facility with restrooms that can accommodate groups of all sizes and individuals of all abilities.