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2016Cold Water Rescue Demo

Great Maine Outdoor Weekend 2016

About 125 hearty souls braved the freezing cold temperatures for some fun outdoor adventures at this year’s Great Maine Outdoor Weekend event at the TREE Center in Sanford.


JMG Students Develop Leadership Skills

The TREE Center hosted 70 seventh grade JMG students from Sanford, Lewiston, Durham, Freeport and South Portland schools for a day long leadership event.

Earth Day 2015

April 22 was Earth Day and the TREE Center participated in tree planting, shore cleanup and environmental games and activities.

Grand Opening and Great Maine Outdoor Weekend

TREE Experiential Education Center’s Grand Opening was held on Saturday, February 14, 2015. This event was in conjunction with the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend.


Waban Opens New Education Center

WABAN’s TREE Center held an open house for companies and individuals whose hard work and donations made the renovations possible.

water and soil testingEarth Science Week 2014

The earth is Their Classroom. More than 330 local students were treated to an exciting and close-up look at the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere during Earth Science Week this month.

Warmth for Waban KSB Donation

On a cold winter day, with the temperatures hovering in the low teens, Brad Paige and Heather Harris from Kennebunk Savings Bank stopped by Waban’s TREE Center to make a $25,000.00 donation that would provide warmth and comfort for many years to come.

Experiential Education CenterA Walkway for Waban from Rotary

Members of the Sanford-Springvale Rotary Club built a 110-foot boardwalk on Saturday, Sept. 28, that will connect two section of Waban’s handicapped-accessible hiking trails on its property along Bauneg Beg Lake.


Waban: Home of ‘Best Week Ever’

From the mid-sixties to 2013, WABAN has been a source of joy and personal growth for the people of York County, Southern Maine and in neighboring communities …

Dissolved Oxygen

Waban’s Adventure Program participants have been testing the dissolved oxygen (DO) content at the TREE Center on Bauneg Beg Lake to better understand this crucial component in the health of the lake’s ecosystem.

Stormwater Runoff

Coyote on CameraCoyote

Groups studying environmental education at Waban’s TREE Center have captured some great images with the use of a trail camera.

Hooting and Howling

Seasonal Adventures

Bauneg Beg: Eagle story and Fox story

A Jackpot of Biodiversity

Baby Turtle Surprises Waban Adventurers

Bauneg Beg Lake is full of little surprises!  Brianna, a member of Waban’s Adventure Program, saw what appeared to be a rock but then noticed that the “rock” had a tail and it was moving. She temporarily halted her dissolved oxygen test for a closer inspection and discovered a newborn snapping turtle about the size of a walnut.

TREE Participants Testing Bauneg Beg Lake’s Quality